Block Bookings

Our Block Booking Discounts are available to anyone who wishes to purchase a block of driving lessons and pay for them in one lump sum. These are great for anyone that would like to not only get their driving lessons cheaper than the standard price but also a good choice if pupils are paid on a monthly basis and don’t want to worry about finding money for lessons at a later date.

Below are the Block Booking discounts we offer..

10 Block Booking Lessons.

£210 For Ten Lessons. This equates to £21.00 per hour. A saving of £20

20 Block Booking Lessons.

£410 For Twenty Lessons.

30 Block Booking Lessons.

£610 for Thirty Lessons.

If you would like to take advantage of our Block booking discounts you will have to pay for your lessons before or at the start of your first lesson. If you would like to pay by cheque you will have to wait until your cheque has cleared before you can start your driving lessons.

You can book your block of driving lessons with your driving instructor at the start or end of your first driving lesson or you can book each lesson as and when it best suits you and your instructor.

If you have any questions about our block bookings please call or email us for more information.




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