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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q..How old do I have to be before I can get my Provisional licence?
A..You have to be 17 to get your provisional licence but you can order your licence upto 2 months before it is due to start.

Q..How much does a provisional licence cost?
A..A provisional licence currently costs £50 and you can order it through the Gov.uk website.

Q..Can I drive my parents car?
A..Yes you can drive any car as long as you are covered on the insurance for that vehicle and that the person in the passenger seat is over 21 years of age and has had a full driving licence for over 3 years.

Q..How long will it take to learn to drive?
A..It is impossible to say how long it will take everyone to learn to drive as everyone is individual and learn at different paces. The DSA say “Those who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 47 hours of professional training combined with 20 hours of private practice” but many people achieve their licence below 50 hours.

Q..What do i need to do before I can book my driving test?
A..Before you can book your driving test you will first need to pass your Theory test and you will receive a certificate with a number that you will need to use when you book your practical driving test.

Q..How do I book my Theory test?
A..The Theory test costs £25 and can be book online on the Guv.uk website.

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